Adam Went On To Till the Soil… But What Ever Happened to Eve? (1989)

(11 minutes, 4×3, mono, 16mm film, 24 fps)

A vision of Eve in a greenhouse paradise. Discontented, she takes a bus to the city while Adam is in the fields. There, she assumes the position of barmaid and occasional stripper in a sleazy nightclub that is the prime target of an apocalyptic fire. *See also: Films

“A kind of companion piece to The Garden of Eden this film is the second religious parody in the Flowers oeuvre. In …What Ever Happened To Eve he tells the story of Eve’s decent into hell with a less than biblical tone. A distorted and mumbled voice-over recounts Eve’s flight from the garden “…while Adam was out fixin’ a flat on his John Deere tractor…” to the city where she becomes a stripper in a sleazy nightclub. This club is also the target of a apocalyptic fire.” – X-Film Chicago

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