Layers and Masks

ARTV 2341-Advanced Digital Video
Robert Flowers, Instructor

Layer Styles: similar to Photoshop

Pre-compose (Layer pull-down menu) Group layers together to create new composition

  • Allows multiple layers to be treated as one

Align Panel = Aligns any asset selected in composition

Rectangle tool = Click and drag on a selected layer to create Mask

  • Mask 1 = Add (default) = reveals part of layer
  • = Subtract = removes the selected part of the layer
  • Inverted check box = inverts shape drawn with shape tool

Masks can be adjusted and animated with key frames

  • Mask Path
  • Mask Feather
  • Mask Opacity
  • Mask Expansion

Layers as Masks = movie fills text instead of color (Mask is the Top layer)

  • TrkMat in the Modes column –
  • ————————————Alpha Matte (outline)
  • ————————————Luma Matte (brightness)