Introduction to After Effects

ARTV 2341-Advanced Digital Video
Robert Flowers, Instructor

Project Setup = D:/yourname_ARTV_2341

File management (see pdf)

Interface Introduction

  • Project, composition, timeline, info, audio, Preview, effects& presets
  • Tilde key (above tab) enlarges panel mouse is over

Preference Set-up

  • Create Layers to best Quality = on
  • Auto-save = on
  • Multi-processing = on
  • Enable Disc Cache = on (set-up folder(s) on D:)
  • Enable Open GL = on

Import Files into project window

Set-up Composition (explain)

Add files to composition

  • Keep layers staggered
  • Alt + bracket key cuts in or out point
  • How to drop in files/layers

Layer Contents

  • Anchor point
  • Position
  • Scale
  • Rotation
  • Opacity