Class Materials

     This page contains a list of classes I have taught since 2004. The links not only point to syllabi, but to such things as lecture outlines, project details, pdf’s of readings, links to tutorials, and down-loadable course files. As a result, I have accumulated a large amount of content, which is always growing and in a perpetual process of being organized and edited. Many former students still refer to the information within, and often pass the links on to friends. Feel free to browse or download any of the course material contained within this page and sub-pages.

     Digital Video @ Richland College

     Advanced Digital Video @ Richland College

     Special Topics: Video Demo Reel @ Richland College

     Video Yearbook Production @ Richland Collegiate High School

     • Video Yearbook Production II @ Richland Collegiate High School

     Film Production I @ SMU

     Interdisciplinary Research Seminar in Computer Technology in the Arts @ OSU

     Video Art @ FSU