Current Work

     Currently, I am writing an epistolary science fiction novel using my 2016 feature length screenplay, The Pyramid Room as an outline. Both works revolve around a central character involved in human trials for a mind-uploading procedure. An error results in branching identities and a philosophical quandary. The screenplay is undergoing a 3rd revision, in order to strip away elements complicating its micro budget

     In 2015, I finished the 2nd draft of a 100 page horror/crime screenplay entitled: Five-Hundred, also written with the independent film in mind. The story follows the reflections of a man committing his 500th murder in celebration of his retirement

     Although it was begun earlier than the former works, Umbra is still being written. It is based on a proposed 16mm black and white film, Luna, conceived in the early 90’s. An elderly scientist encounters an alien probe, which unexpectedly takes up residence inside her apartment. Following the original concept it will be shot in the Noir style, but in 4K digital video.