Project 02

ARTV 1351-Digital Video
Robert Flowers, Instructor

Personal Portrait = 225 points

Make a video that shows who you are. Not the obvious but the subtle. This project should be a self-reflexive work i.e. what are you’re your hobbies, personal beliefs, or goals? What makes you tick? What hardships have you had to overcome? What are your Dreams? Show yourself to the audience in a creative way.

  • This project should not be a direct self-interview i.e. sitting in front of camera talking.
  • The video taping will be done outside of class, editing will be done in class and on your own time (if necessary).
  • Length approximately 2.5 to 5 min Maximum with Sound and Titles.
  • Students are encouraged to help each other on video shoots, but not required. “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine”
  • Turn in Completed Project02: Personal Portrait, on _____________
    The video must be in the DVD-Video format. (DVD-R preferred)
    See handout on encode settings.

Projects not turned in on time will be penalized 25% per day until received. (See Instructor for details of how to turn in late projects)