Southern Methodist University – Spring Term 2007
Instructor: Robert Flowers

Office: _____________


Office hours: ______________

Pre-requisite: Basic Production

Required Texts:

The Filmmaker’s Handbook: A comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age, Revised ed.

Steven Ascher and Edward Pincus.

Digital Cinema: The Revolution in Cinematography, Postproduction, and Distribution,

Brian McKernan.

*Avid Xpress Pro Power!, Steve Julin

CTV 3355 Film Production I Course pack

For Further Advanced Reading:

Cinematography 3rd edition, Kris Malkiewicz (Technical)

Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen, Steven D. Katz (how to set-up shots)

Setting Up Your Shots: Great Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know, Jeremy Vineyard (basic shot types storyboarding

Independent Filmmaking, Lenny Lipton (classic how-to text)

Documentary: A History of the Non-Fiction Film, Erik Barnouw

*ASC Film Manual – 9th Edition, edited by Stephen Burum (expensive!)

A Primer for Film-Making: A complete guide to 16 and 35mm Film Production, Kenneth H. Roberts and Win Sharples, Jr.

Bolex related websites

Course Description: This is an introductory film course designed to familiarize the student with the basics of 16mm filmmaking: use and operation of the Bolex 16mm film camera, incident light meter, tripod and lenses; film speeds; color temperature; knowledge and use of Avid Xpress Pro editing program, shot types, coverage, 180º rule, continuity, etc. Students will learn the planning and organizational elements of filmmaking and will apply these to group and individual film projects to be completed by the middle and end of the semester.

Purpose: To teach students the basic tools of filmmaking and to then give them the opportunity to practice these skills by making their own film project. Student’s individual film projects are to be shot and edited entirely outside of class. Students must therefore be prepared to invest a significant amount of their own time in order to fulfill this requirement.

Be prepared to spend up to $500 on film stock, shipping, and lab expenses

Week 01 Jan. 22nd

General introduction to filmmaking, assignments and what is expected of you.

Reading assignments. Watch videos.

Go over assignments, Equipment checkout protocol.

Reading 01 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 1-2, Digital Cinema (DC) chap 1-2

Week 02 Jan. 29th

Introduction to the Bolex camera. lens.

Watch videos.

Reading 02 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 3-4, Digital Cinema (DC) chap 3-4

Week 03 Feb. 5th

Bolex, Film stocks, light-meter, lenses.

Watch videos.

Reading 02 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 5,8, Digital Cinema (DC) chap 5-6

Week 04 Feb. 12th

Color and filters, shooting.

Reading 02 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 16, Digital Cinema (DC) chap 7-8

Week 05 Feb 19th

The Lab: Process, Transfer, Workprint, Dailies, Answer Print

Demonstrate Dub Room, ‘home-made’ transferring process

Reading 02 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 11-12,17, Digital Cinema (DC) chap 9-10

Week 06 Feb 26th


Reading 02 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 9-10, Digital Cinema (DC) chap 9-10

!!!!!!PROJECT 01 DUE!!!!!!

Week 07 Mar 5th


Reading 02 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 13-14, Digital Cinema (DC) chap 11-12

AVID Xpress pro power (read as much as you can from here on out!)

Panavision field trip

- Spring Break -

Week 08 Mar 19th

Reading 02 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 15, Digital Cinema (DC) chap 13-14

Editing film and video

Shoot Project 02 on campus during class

Week 09 Mar 26th

Reading 02 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 18, Digital Cinema (DC) chap 15-16

Intro to AVID, capture Project 02 Sound editing

Week 10 April 2nd

Reading 02 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 6-7,

Producing and Distributing

Week 11 April 9th

Reading 02 – Filmmaker’s Handbook chap 18,


Week 12 April 16th


Week 13 April 23rd


Week 14 April 30th

!!!!!FINAL EXAM!!!!!

Week 15 May 5th




300 pts Project 2 PERSONAL PORTRAIT 225 pts.

105 pts Test FILM BASICS

395 pts Project 3 STUDENT’S CHOICE .

1000 pts Total


1000 – 900 = A

899 – 800 = B

799 – 700 = C

699 – 600 = D

599 – below = F

I will excuse 2 absences, each additional absence will reduce your grade by 105 points

Extra credit is available upon student request.

Spring Term 2007

January 1, Monday: University Holiday – New Year’s Day
January 8, Monday: Residence halls officially open.
January – TBA: Academic Advising, Enrollment and Orientation (AARO) conferences for new first year and transfer undergraduate students. Conference dates to be announced. Contact New Student Programs,Student Life Office, 214-768-4560
January 15, Monday: University Holiday – Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday
January 16, Tuesday: First day of classes.
January 22, Monday: Last day to enroll, add courses or drop courses without grade record or tuition billing. Last day to file for May graduation.
January 31, Wednesday: Last day to declare Pass/Fail, No Credit or First Year Repeated Course grading option. Last day for students to request excused absence for observance of a religious holiday.
March 12-17, Monday-Saturday: Spring Break
March 26, Monday: Last day for continuing undergraduate students to change their major for April enrollment.
March 26-4/13, Monday-Friday: Summer 2007 and Fall 2007 Continuing Student Enrollment for all undergraduates and graduate Dedman and Meadows.
April 4, Wednesday: Last day to drop a course.
April 6, Friday: University Holiday – Good Friday.
April 9, Monday: Last Day for May graduation candidates to change grades of Incomplete.
April 23, Monday: Students should file for August or December graduation. Last day to file for August is June 5. Last day to file for December is the last day to enroll for Fall 2007.
April 23, Monday: Last day to withdraw from the University
April 26-5/1, Thursday-Tuesday: No final examination or unscheduled tests and papers.
April 27, Friday: Last day for oral/written examinations for graduate students who are May degree candidates.
May 1, Tuesday: Last day of instruction. – Follows Friday Class Schedule
May 2-3, Wednesday-Thursday: Reading Days – No Classes.
May 4-10, Friday-Thursday: Examinations (no examination scheduled for Sunday)
May 11, Friday: Residence halls officially close for non-graduating students.
May 18, Friday: Baccalaureate
May 19, Saturday: Commencement
May 28, Monday: University Holiday- Memorial Day.