ARTV 2341-Advanced Digital Video
Robert Flowers, Instructor

Horizontal Type Tool (Point Type)

  • All Text is created in its own layer
  • Text Box = Click + drag

Character Panel

  • Fonts, size, color stroke (Stroke over fill “default”, Fill over stroke)
  • Letting = Vertical space between lines
  • Tracking = Space between groups of characters or entire blocks of text
  • Kerning = Space between pairs of characters

Paragraph Panel

  • Align = center

Align Panel = Aligns any asset selected in composition

Presets: Behaviors (built in fades, various animations etcetera)

Effects Presets (fly-out menu) = Browse Presets…(opens Adobe Bridge) make sure text was pre-selected in composition and the Current Time Indicator is in the desired location

  • Text folder = Preview animated text

Text Layer

  • Animate: (fly-out menu) = choose property to be animated (e.g. Scale)
  • Creates Animation Property = Range Selector = property (e.g. Scale)
  • (e.g. Scale) Scales up each character individually
  • Range Selector ONLY affects what is contained within it
  • Add: adds another property to the range selector