Project 01

ARTV 1351-Digital Video
Robert Flowers, Instructor

In Camera Editing Asignment = 175 points

Project Breakdown

Bring Camera on ________________

You and your group or partner shall adhere to the following criteria in your 1st endeavor. Examples of all of the following shots,camera moves, and effects must be included in your Video. This project must be edited in the camera. For example: If your opening scene is the Richland flag, then you must go outside and shoot it first. If your second shot is at the soccer fields then you must then go there next to get the shot. If your last shot is in the parking lot, then it is the very last shot recorded.




  • Extreme Long Shot
  • Long Shot
  • Medium Shot
  • Close-up
  • Extreme Close-up

Camera Movement

  • Pan
  • Tilt
  • Zoom
  • Focus Pull (Optional)

In Camera Effects (Optional)

  • Manual Shutter – slow/fast speeds
  • Manual Apeture – over/under exposure
  • Effects – fade, dissole, old movie, solarize, etc.
  • White Balance – Adjust using presets: sports/night/rain/snow etc. or turn off/on


  • The camera movements must be used in conjunction with a particular shot.
  • Any number of Shots or Camera Movements may be included in you video, but they must all be included. They can be used in any order!
  • Projects are to be shot on campus, during class, return by ___________ Please use the allotted time to shoot; I do not want to see you back in class within a single hour!
  • Students will work as a TEAM
  • Your video does not have to embrace a storyline or narrative structure; it can simply be about the continuity or progression of the shots themselves.
  • Finished video should be approximately 2-3 minutes
  • After review, we will Capture the Videos to the Hard Drive Using Premiere Pro, Edit, add titles, and burn finished video to DVD-R. The student will be expected to have learned basic camera shooting skills

PREPARATION Before Shooting:

  • Make sure you charge the Batteries the night before!!!!
  • Label Tape (group number)
  • Check lens for dirt, Clean if necessary. i.e. lens Tissue, Soft Kleenex Brand Tissue(no aloe)
  • Set camera Audio to 48khz if available
  • Make sure the Camera Aspect Ratio is set to your desired size: 4×3 or 16×9
  • Record approx. 25 sec. black (lens cap on) at beginning of tape and at end of final shot.
  • Finished IN-Camera video should be 2 to 3min
  • Return to class by _________ Do not come back in a hour!
  • After shooting, turn labeled tape over to your instructor (tapes will be returned _________.)

Capturing and Editing

  • Capture Video to Hard Drive from your Group shoot.
  • Edit project down to approximately ½ the length of the in- camera video. Add Titles (i.e. Project 01, your name (editor), and group number.
  • This is an editing exercise, please concentrate on familiarizing yourself with the editing tools and techniques
  • Transitions (fades, dissolves, wipes, ect.) are optional, USE WITH DISCRETION!!!!
  • Soundtrack is optional.
  • We will work in class editing _________
  • If you think you are finished editing by the end of the first day, you are incorrect! Work on it more, or see me.
  • Projects are due by the end of class__________
  • Backup all Project and Video Files to CD/DVD-R/Firewire drive after each class.
  • We will analyze completed work during class