BOLEX Check List

Southern Methodist University – Spring Term 2007
117 Umphrey Lee, Mondays 9:00-11:50am
Robert Flowers, Instructor

  • NEVER RUN ANY FILM CAMERA OVER 24fps without film
  • Check the Gate (aperture and pressure plate) before loading film
  • Never use “Q-Tips” to clean the Gate
  • Check camera interior for film chips before loading
  • Make sure the Prism is clean
  • Make sure the trigger is not locked in the ON position before winding
  • Make sure the wind-handle is locked in place before pulling the trigger
  • Make sure the pressure plate is closed before closing the door
  • Turn “ticker” on or off
  • Adjust diopter for your eye and lock before shooting OR Loading film, clean if necessary
  • Clean eyecup w/ rubbing alcohol when needed
  • Clip off the pointed-tip of the head of the new roll before loading to avoid jam
  • Load camera in subdued light
  • Make sure the film is winding up on the take-up side
  • Open the loop guides before closing the door, do not rely on it to be automatically opened
  • Make sure door is closed tightly, or seal w/ black camera tape
  • Run the camera footage counter to “0″ w/ the lens cap on, then shoot
  • Make sure the shutter is open before shooting
  • Make sure the filter holder is in place
  • Make sure your eye is on the eyepiece or the viewfinder is closed with film loaded
  • Make sure lenses are clean
  • Remember the BOLEX has a 135 degree shutter, Adjust the F/stop accordingly
  • Remember to set the film speed (fps) before shooting
  • Remember to shoot at 24 fps unless shooting at a different speed for an effect
  • Make sure the lens turret is locked in place before shooting
  • When not shooting, keep the lens cap(s) on
  • Make sure all the “wind” is off the spring after finishing the shoot
  • Do not lose the tiny back-wind key if and when you check it out
  • Blowing sand and dust are a cameras worst enemies
  • Always keep track of the remaining film on the footage counter
  • Familiarize yourself with the sound of the “film-roll-out”
  • Remember you lose the first and last roughly five feet of a 110′ roll of film
  • Set your lens to the correct F/Stop before each take
  • When shooting single frames select either “T” (timed) or “I” (Instantaneous)
  • Do not leave camera on tripod without supervision