Are There Fairies Dancing on the Lawn?…And if There Are Can I Catch Them in a Net? (1991)

(25 minutes, 4×3, mono, 16mm film, 24 fps)

The religious existence constructed in four stages. A progression of events. Each scene is allegorical, a puzzle of symbology, from the initial cause to its extinction and finally to its representational aftermath. It is a personal vision of the realization of the confines of religious dogma and their eventual defeat and the realization of residual traces left over after its destruction. *See also: Films

“A kind of berserk yet mundane psychodrama this sublime work is the most refined of Robert’s cinema to date. Shot entirely in his home state of Oklahoma, this work uses expressionist sets to house eerily lit characters. Concerned mainly with the long shot within lengthy but well defined sequences the film challenges the modern viewer with its show pace and lack of rapid cutting. A surprising shit happens when the final sequence throws the film out of balance and reveals the deeply personal aspect of the earlier “acted” sequences.” – X-Film Chicago

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