War-Heads (1993)

(15min, 4×3. mono, 16mm film, 24 fps)

A dark, militaristic satire (that isn’t funny) structured in four ordered parts of equal value: Commercial, Stealth, Funeral and Ritual. WAR-HEADS is primarily composed of found images originating on video and re-photographed with high-contrast color and b&w film. Sections of found audio are used in their entirety with only slight deviation. An Amiga computer is used to alter, edit and arrange a preconceived list of words. A cassette tape loop of a broadcast test pattern creates a binding adhesive in which nearly all spoken dialogue is interwoven. *See also: Films

“Oddly enough this most recent film relates as much to TV as it does to Are There fairies Dancing on the Lawn? Made partly as a response to senselessness in the television coverage of the Gulf War, this film further elucidates the aesthetic mission of Robert’s filmmaking.” – X-Film Chicago

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