Stereoscopic Experiment for Audience No. 2 (2007)

(9.5 min, animated, 16×9, Dolby 5.1, DVD)

Stereoscopic Experiment for Audience No. 2 is composed of the basic platonic forms: the triangle, rectangle, and circle. These monochrome forms converge in repetitive collisions while in rhythm to a meticulously sampled and mixed electronic soundtrack. Simplistic shapes create deceivingly complex structures, which were originally designed for anaglyphic 3D viewing. However, this is an alternate version that does not require the renowned red and blue glasses. Stereoscopic Experiment is my personal homage to the pioneers of abstract animation, in particular German filmmakers Oskar Fischinger and Walther Ruttmann. *See also: 2001-2007

Low resolution excerpt intended for preview only.