Light-Bearer (2005)

(9.5 min, 16×9, stereo, DVD).

Light-Bearer is assembled from several minutes of individually constructed frames. The video uses bright flickering multi-colored abstract animations which assault the viewer’s retinas, the ‘windows to the soul.’ The result of this ‘flicker’ effect is latent optic impressions in the brain, imaginary objects seem to appear and disappear, or move slowly off the screen, and the viewer may have the impression that they are being subjected to subliminal information. In Light-Bearer these erratic and flickering colored shapes are intended to hypnotize, induce trance, or repulse the watcher. The mind is to be ‘popped’ open and the information dropped inside, ‘flying on the light’ to the brain. *See also: 2001-2007

Low resolution excerpt intended for preview only